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Over thirty years of experience in Gáski - we are your partner on your way to improved health.


Spacious and comfortable fitness facilities. We guide you on your fitness journey.

AquaNatal exercise

AquaNatal classes have become an established exercise during pregnancy. Swimming has healing properties.

Over 30 years of experience

Since 1988, the goal has been to support, empower and guide clients to a better life.

Gáski is centrally located

We are located in two places, Mjódd and Bolholt

A total of 30 physiotherapists work at Gáski, in Mjódd and Bolholt. Here you can have a look at physiotherapists in each location separately - and see their areas of interest/expertise. We recommend that you choose the location that is within your vicinity.

Þönglabakki 1

We are on the 2nd floor. You can take the elevator or use the stairs. This is the same entrance as Læknasetrið and Heilsugæslan.

Bolholt 8

In Bolholt there is a large and spacious health facility with treatment rooms. Good access from the ground floor with a ramp for wheelchairs.

Treatments for a better life

"Isn't it enough to do stretches?"

Treatment plan

With a physical therapist, you set up a plan - with short-term and long-term goals that guide you on your way to better health.


The first step can be a challenge, but with physiotherapists at Gáski you are in good hands.

You do your part

It is good to keep in mind that nothing happens by itself. You always have to deliver to be successful.

Evaluation and follow-up

Gáski offers follow-up and evaluation following treatment. We will not let you go without support.

A strong team

Why choose Gáski

At Gáski we have about 30 professional physiotherapists with a very broad range of experiences.

We are examiners and teachers

Many of us have worked on research within universities, we educate future physiotherapists and have articles published, e.g. in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals.

We are humble and eager to learn

We are proud of having some of the most educated physiotherapists in the country on board at Gáski. We encourage and support each other, take advantage of each other's field of expertise and interests, and work together. Not only will you get your own physiotherapist, you will "get" all of us as well.

We are sports lovers

Among our physiotherapists at Gáski, you will find experts in sport-related physiotherapy, professional coaches from various sports, former successful sportsmen/women and people who are passionate about sports. We look forward to working with you in your sports rehabilitation.

Spacious fitness facilities

Both in Mjódd and Bolholt we offer spacious and bright fitness facilities that are open from 8-16 on weekdays.

Successful fitness

We are always present at the facility to assist you

We become our habits and we know that repeated exercises pay off. With an individually designed and varied exercise program from the trainers at Gáski, you will achieve stability by performing exercises that will result in better daily health and well-being.

Questions & answers

Here are some common questions

Sometimes it's useful to see what other people want to know...

At Gáski we have specialized physiotherapists who focus on sports injuries. We build the ankle's progressive ability to balance and perform complex exertions, all according to the demands of the sport on the ankle.

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It is often difficult to pinpoint how daily activities and body movements cause strain on the musculoskeletal system. It is therefore good to have access to an insightful partner who can guide you in how to take better care of yourself. This is one of the things you and your physical therapist work on, which is often the best prevention against stress symptoms in the back.

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Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Wear and tear in the skeletal system is a normal complication of advancing age, but osteoarthritis is considered early cartilage destruction and is an irreversible, chronic disease. Osteoarthritis can occur in all joints, but is most common in the hands, knees, hips and back.

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Today, so many activities require the use of screens, and it’s a challenge for everyone to avoid the harmful effects of excessive screen use on the musculoskeletal system. Our body is designed for movement, not to be static. We maintain health in the musculoskeletal system with suitable, regular exercise during the day, and long term. To find ways to integrate this need for movement with voluntary, or work-related screen use, is a challenge for many.

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Swimming has proven beneficial for many women during pregnancy. Aquanatal classes offer customized gymnastics classes, in the water, for pregnant women. The classes are led by a physiotherapist and have been very popular. Here you can read about which Aquanatal activities are available.

Ragnar Hermannsson works at Gáski, and for the past 20 years he has worked almost exclusively in helping people overcome their shoulder problems. He has also held numerous in-house courses and has ensured that physiotherapists at Gáski are on the front line when it comes to tackling shoulder problems.

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